Africa Resource Group (USA):

ARG was founded by Dr. Benson M. Karanja, a native of Nakuru, Kenya in East Africa. Since 1995, ARG has provided services to
organizations in the private, public and non-profit sectors that have allowed our clients to more effectively accomplish their goals and
objectives in the region. Utilizing our vast network and intimate knowledge of the region, we are uniquely positioned to provide strategic
advice, identify opportunities and develop beneficial relationships within the region. Our mission is to promote and encourage mutually
beneficial partnerships in the nation of Kenya that are based on the following core Values.

Core Values

1. Leadership – Promote partnerships that are mutually beneficial to investors and local populations.

2. Integrity – Provide services to our clients with the highest level of integrity, courage and honesty

3. Transfer of skills and knowledge - maximize social benefits to region by effectively transferring skills and knowledge to local

4. Ethics – Strict adherence to international law, norms and ethical standards in relation to all our stakeholders in the private, non-profit
and public sectors.


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