Our Business Development service area is based on the principle of promoting international trade and commerce in the continent of
Africa in general and the country of Kenya in particular. Many countries in the region have experienced great GDP growth in recent
years. This growth has resulted in tremendous opportunities in the areas of infrastructure development, technology, consultancy etc.
Many enterprising individuals and large multi-national corporations have recognized and benefited from the huge, untapped potential of
Africa, and actively pursue business ventures across the continent. As the second largest continent in the world with 54 countries and
a population of over 700 million people, there has never in history been such and advantageous time to create and promote wealth from
the vast natural resources, inexpensive labor and the broad-based incentives offered by governmental agencies. It is our belief that the
promotion of private sector investments in the people, infrastructure, and technology of Africa when executed effectively; will continue
to be a mutually beneficial enterprise for both international investors and the peoples of Africa.

For Profit: Framework and Approach

Our philosophy and services provide a framework to ensure that your international business efforts in Kenya are maximized to achieve
optimum results. We have developed a unique approach that allows us to assist our clients in capitalizing on business opportunities.
Conducting business internationally offers unique challenges than do domestic business. Language barriers, complex geo-politics,
and cultural differences are just some of the problems that organizations face. Our framework is based on experience and lessons
learned during 14 years of successfully advising organizations in the region and our approach has been proven to mitigate these risks.

We have identified critical points in the development of business ventures that can result in the ultimate success or failure of each
endeavor. Our framework is aimed at mitigating the risk inherent at each of these critical evolutionary points and helps to guide your
approach in order to avoid common pitfalls. We provide end to end services as well as customized solutions in any of the business
development stages. Depending on the size, expertise, knowledge of your firm, you may choose an end-to-end solution or a
customized set of solutions.

1. Political-Economic Environment Analysis
perform analysis of each unique political and economic environment to determine opportunities and assess risks. Advise and provide
assistance in dealing with governments.

2. Partnership Development
We leverage our business network spanning the US, Europe and Africa in order to better assist our clients in identifying prospective
partners and performing the due diligence needed to ensure future success.

3. Business and Opportunity Analysis
We assist business in the formulation of preliminary business plan based on in-country costing, pricing of services/products and
expected ROI, business & country risk valuation, competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, etc. We provide counsel and guidance on the
execution of projects in Africa.

4. Stakeholder Management
In addition to partner identification and due diligence, ARG performs liaison duties in between entities in order to inform any formalities
or changes that may occur during the process of a project.

5. Emergency Planning
In the event of dramatic on the ground changes, ARF will assist in the emergency contacts associated with the local government. Help
establish contingency plans for sudden changes that may occur during a potential project.

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